Management has a vital role in creating workplace safety culture

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2019 | Workplace Injuries

The safety hazards at workplaces vary by industry throughout New Jersey, and management and workers share the responsibility for promoting safety. The role of developing a strong safety culture falls on management. Managers who take active steps to identify hazards and reduce workers’ exposure to danger promote greater trust throughout an organization. Managers who only speak about safety but do not pursue policies to improve safety inspire disengagement within the workforce.

Leaders who are serious about reducing on-the-job accidents and injuries instill a sense of collective responsibility throughout the company. Managers and workers will feel a duty to speak up about risks and take action to improve safety. A workplace culture with a genuine focus on safety will also support good housekeeping and welcome discussions about safety.

Workers in an environment with a positive safety culture will know that management accepts the importance of safety. The trust that emerges within such an organization improves morale because workers know that management cares about reducing hazards. According to research about social theory, company leadership that makes safety a priority demonstrates its concern for the well-being of others. In such an environment, workers feel a greater motivation to pursue all organizational goals.

Many workplaces fall short of this ideal, and management might discourage workers from reporting safety issues or workplace injuries. A person employed by a company that wants to avoid responsibility for safety might have difficulty obtaining information about workers’ compensation benefits after a workplace accident. The representation of an attorney may help someone file a claim. An attorney might overcome barriers to benefits by arranging for the person to get an independent medical exam. After gathering evidence about a worker’s need for care, an attorney may counteract an insurer’s attempt to avoid paying a settlement by filing a lawsuit.