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December 2015 Archives

Mobile phones can increase danger on a construction site

A lot has been said lately about the dangers of texting and driving, or using cell phones in any way while behind the wheel. However, it's also important to look at the way that these distractions can be dangerous in other settings, including a construction site.

Shoulder injuries that might occur from overuse

The shoulder is one of the most hard-working areas of the human anatomy. In fact, they work so hard and so faithfully that most people take the shoulders for granted. Without healthy shoulders you could experience severe pain and lose the ability to perform common tasks such as reaching, lifting, carrying and many others. These consequences could occur suddenly or gradually over a long period.

Employee's cigarette leads to New Jersey explosion

Two men were injured this month in a chemical explosion at the Mount Laurel campus of Rowan College. According to a police spokesman, the explosion was triggered by a temporary employee who lit a cigarette while sitting in his car just before his shift was to begin.

Supervisors and managers may not always see safety hazards

Professional warehouse safety managers know that safety in a warehouse is not something that happens accidentally. Companies must be very intentional about spotting hazards and addressing them so that accidents do not harm or even kill workers.

You can be compensated for contracting an occupational disease

Most New Jersey residents do not go to work in fear of coming down with a disease, but nevertheless it can still happen. As in all states, it is nearly impossible to specifically indentify the industries in New Jersey that may hold a risk of occupational disease. After all, occupational illnesses come in many forms.

A sad new workplace reality -- 'active shooter' insurance

Sadly, workplace shootings have dominated the news again in recent weeks. In November, a man opened fire at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado, killing three people. Then we had the workplace massacre in Southern California.