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September 2015 Archives

What do I need to know about workplace accident amputation?

What is the most life-changing workplace injury that you can imagine? If you said death or paralysis, you are probably in good company, but amputation also ranks pretty high on the list. A workplace accident that leads to the amputation of even a finger can cause significant long-term problems for workers, depending on the nature of their jobs in New Jersey. Today, we talk about the types of amputations and their potential to lead to major medical expenses or permanent disability.

Prolonged exposure can create significant hearing loss

Occupational hearing loss is often something that goes overlooked, as it doesn't happen all at once. Typically, you don't have an incident that stands out, where your hearing decreased quickly. After 20 years of working in the same factory, though, very pronounced hearing loss could be noted. It's important to remember that this could still be classified as an occupational injury, even without that lone event to point to.

How soon can I expect my workers' comp benefits payments?

Do you know the rules for filing a workers' compensation claim in New Jersey? Too often, victims miss out on workers' comp benefits because they do not abide by simple requirements such as timelines and other limitations. The good news is that you can receive the information you need to comply with state requirements by working with a team of legal professionals. Educating yourself about workers' compensation limitations can make filing your claim far more efficient.

What is the new standard for pits on construction sites?

When workers must complete tasks in confined spaces, such as in pits, there are several hazards that must be addressed. There is a new construction standard developed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The criteria for a confined space are: