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August 2015 Archives

Why your employer may be to blame for your industrial accident

Your New Jersey employer is responsible for your health and safety on the job. Still, all too many workers suffer from industrial accidents, especially those related to forklifts, because their employers are too negligent to provide appropriate training or safety measures. In fact, forklift accidents are among the most common injurious mishaps in today's industrial workplace, which is why your employer should take steps to protect you and your coworkers.

What do I need to know about construction crane accidents?

Are you up-to-date on your crane safety procedures? Although overhead cranes are common fixtures on today's construction sites, many workers are still unaware about the special safety protocols that are most effective at preventing injury. All too many construction worker claims deal with injuries related to tower or overhead cranes. That has lead the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to promulgate new rules governing the use of these potentially hazardous tools within the past five years. Your employer can help you avoid a construction site accident by working together with safety experts to improve procedures at your work site.

Exposure, chemicals lead to high rates of worker skin disease

Chemicals. Most of us have a cabinet full of them below our sink at home, and we rarely think about their effects. But, for the more than 13 million workers who are exposed to dangerous substances and chemicals at their jobs throughout the U.S., potential exposure is a very real issue that needs to be discussed. Too many New Jersey workers face unsafe conditions and the potential risk of health problems such as cancer from exposure to pesticide and herbicide or other chemical exposure. Occupational skin diseases are some of the most common conditions that can result from chemical exposure.

DOT worker struck, seriously injured by negligent driver

A New Jersey Department of Transportation employee suffered critical injuries in late July after a vehicle struck him as he was attempting to remove litter from the road. The man, age 28, apparently suffered critical injuries because of a negligent driver who was attempting to pass a semi-truck on the right. The at-fault driver has been issued multiple summonses for charges including improper passing, reckless driving and failure to wear a seat belt, according to official reports.