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April 2015 Archives

New Jersey construction worker dies after wall collapse

A death at an industrial building located in the northern part of New Jersey remains under investigation today after a cinder block wall fell on a construction worker who was working at the job site. According to the Ramsey Police Department, the 56-year-old man from Riverdale was working around the outside area of a building located in the community of Bergen County around 11:30 a.m. when a 9 by 12 foot portion of the wall gave away and fell on top of him.

What you need to know when you're injured on the job

Accidents happen and sometimes, they happen on the job. Unfortunately, some people who are hurt while they are at work choose not to report that they have been injured. They try to continue doing their job, but then the pain becomes intolerable and they can no longer perform their duties. Although they can report it at a later date, this can often cause delays in getting benefits started.

Elevator company receives $28,000 fine in fatal accident

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued a $28,000 fine against United States Elevator Inc. for a fatal accident that occurred around 10 a.m., on Aug. 15, 2014. A 25-year-old maintenance worker who was working on an elevator in an apartment building was killed during the accident.

Symptoms and causes of carpal tunnel syndrome

Many Bergen County residents spend the largest portion of their waking hours working. Many employees work at a desk, sitting in the same chair for hours on end using a computer keyboard. Although desk jobs aren't as physically challenging as other types of work, "cubicle" employees may still suffer occupational injuries.

New Jersey contract worker killed by falling pylon

Workers' compensation benefits are paid by New Jersey employers to cover injuries or illnesses suffered by workers on the job. According to state workers' compensation laws, benefits for medical bills, disability, wage losses and death are extended to workers classified as employees, but not to independent contractors.