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March 2015 Archives

Is filing for New Jersey workers' comp benefits a job risk?

Hackensack employers may not fire workers for the wrong reasons -- reasons that violate an employee's rights. Job terminations due to filings for workers' comp benefits are one of those reasons. However, New Jersey workers' compensation claims do not immunize employees from being fired for legal reasons.

What are occupational lung diseases?

The source of some chronic or life-threatening illnesses can be found in Hackensack workplaces. Occupational asthma is one of several lung diseases contracted by working in contaminated environments. Employees who suffer occupational asthma are people who initially develop asthma at work or whose existing asthma is aggravated on the job.

The national impact of workplace injuries and illnesses

The federal government tracks the number of job-related deaths, injuries and illnesses each year in New Jersey and all other states. The Bureau of Labor Statistics then calculates incidence rates -- the number of fatalities, injuries or illnesses per 100 employees. The most recent reports summarize details related to 2013 non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses in the private and public sectors.

Subcontractor killed in construction accident at sports arena

Some Hackensack, New Jersey, employees face more dangers commuting than they do at work. Other employees perform tasks in environments, like industrial settings and construction sites, where dangerous conditions are an everyday occurrence. Although employees must be aware of risks, New Jersey employers are responsible for minimizing unsafe working conditions.