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February 2015 Archives

Cancer exposure in New Jersey workplaces

New Jersey doctors know a lot more about the development of cancers than they once did. The medical community is aware certain unavoidable and some preventable factors increase cancer risks. Researchers still have not pinpointed exactly why abnormal cells take hold in some people, but many doctors feel cancers occur as the result of a combination of circumstances.

Worker protections at New Jersey construction sites

Bergen County companies are responsible for job site safety. For construction companies, those duties include taking precautions to prevent accidents at every job site and training employees about working safely. Training should, but often doesn't, provide guidance for working with or around potentially dangerous tools, equipment and machines and responding to accidents.

New Jersey Comcast worker, father of 3, electrocuted on the job

Dangerous jobs don't have to be unusual. Employees who make certain Bergen County neighborhoods are supplied with heat, light, trash pickup and cable do work other people often take for granted. You may not associate those jobs with life-threatening hazards, but the dangers exist and accidents are real.

Lung diseases caused by New Jersey work environments

Unhealthy habits, like smoking, and family medical histories have contributed to medical problems many Bergen County residents suffer today. However, lifestyle choices and pre-programmed genetic codes aren't the only reasons people develop serious health conditions. Some conditions, like occupational lung diseases, are caused by working in toxic environments.