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January 2015 Archives

What happens if I am denied workers' comp benefits?

Bergen County workers may file claims for injury-related benefits without the help of an attorney, but sometimes there are good reasons to engage a lawyer. Some workers assume New Jersey workers' compensation claims approvals are automatic. That's not the case.

New Jersey ink plant blamed for fire that injured 7 workers

Bergen County industrial workers have a right to expect employers to be concerned about safety. That doesn't mean all employers live up to those expectations. Lax safety precautions can lead to manufacturing accidents, serious worker injuries and sometimes, deaths.

What are New Jersey's workers' compensation benefits?

Benefits are available for many Bergen County workers who suffer job-related accidents or illnesses. Some employees, like railroad workers, have coverage under federal workers' compensation or other specialized plans. Almost all other workers, with the exception of independent contractors, are covered by New Jersey workers' compensation.

Hot work health problems for New Jersey employees

In cold working conditions, you can add layers of clothing to warm up. In hot environments, clothing changes often aren't enough to stay cool. Prolonged heat exposure at Bergen County factories, foundries, restaurant kitchens and outdoor construction sites places workers at risk of becoming seriously ill.

Firefighters and New Jersey workers’ compensation benefits

Employer insurance covering workplace injuries and deaths is reserved for Bergen County workers classified as employees. Contract workers and volunteers can be excluded from workers' compensation benefits. However, unlike "employees," injured contractors or volunteers aren't restricted from taking legal actions against employers.