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November 2014 Archives

When employers fail to carry New Jersey workers’ comp insurance

State laws require employers to self-insure or carry coverage for job-related accidents and illnesses affecting employees. Every New Jersey employer and some out-of-state employers must have some form of workers' compensation coverage. Employees hurt at work are not left without options when employers break these rules.

The costs of ladder and scaffolding falls for New Jersey workers

Vulnerability to job injuries is something that concerns certain types of Bergen County workers more than others. Employees most prone to injuries are those engaged in high-risk physical activities, like working with large machines or performing tasks at great heights.

Fatal construction accident caused by fallen tape measure

Bergen County companies are expected to design safety plans to limit workers' exposure to on-the-job dangers or risks. Simply having a plan isn't enough. Employers are responsible for training employees how to work safely and supervising workers to make sure plans are carried out.

What New Jersey workers’ compensation benefits are available?

Workers' compensation benefits are paid to Bergen County employees who suffer work-related illnesses or injuries. Mandatory employer insurance is the source of the benefits for workers and their dependents. Benefits cover short- and long-term medical treatment, employee income losses, temporary or permanent disability and death.