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May 2014 Archives

New Jersey workers' compensation covers mental health claims

When you hear someone has been hurt in a Bergen County workplace, you may assume the harm was physical. That's a fair assumption. However, New Jersey workers' compensation claims also may be filed for injuries to mental health, including claims for victims of post-traumatic stress disorder.

How safe are you on the job when you work outside New Jersey?

Many Bergen County employees cross the state line to go to work every day. That transition means workers who get hurt on the job are covered by different laws than the ones in effect in New Jersey. Public Citizen recently published a report calling for changes to workers' compensation rules to strengthen protection for private sector workers in New York.

New Jersey man makes $3.2 million claim after scaffold fall

A work injury can sideline an employee and the individual's income indefinitely, sometimes permanently. Accidents among construction workers can be devastating – heavy equipment disasters, injuries from being hit by objects and falls from high elevations are all too common. The diagnoses often go beyond mendable broken bones to paralyzing or life-threatening head and spine injuries.

New ear plug test could cut noise injuries at Bergen County jobs

Noisy work environments are commonplace for some Bergen County employees. Many workers accept the constant acoustic assault as part of the job without realizing that over time, the noise is causing irreversible hearing damage. The injury gets overlooked, since hearing loss due to exposure to loud noises often happens gradually.

Safety, labor violations possible after teen severs arm at work

When you read about accidents that injure Bergen County workers, the stories often focus on workplace investigations. Meanwhile, an injured victim may be undergoing surgeries, struggling with pain or trying to cope with a permanent disability. Distressed family members balance efforts to aid the victim's recovery with worries over medical expenses, lost income and a loved one's long-term needs.