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March 2014 Archives

New Jersey workers' comp bill for responders faces uphill battle

First responders don't think about insurance coverage when they are called to take emergency action. Public safety takes priority over personal need. It's only after a volunteer or professional is injured or dies that some responders learn New Jersey workers' compensation doesn't cover them.

Construction accidents up, fatalities way down in major city

Construction crews are a common sight in New Jersey, especially during spring and other fair weather months. It's easy to forget how dangerous construction jobs can be. Working at great heights and around or on unstable or pitched surfaces can increase the likelihood of construction site accidents.

New Jersey contractor suffers severe electrical shock

Some Bergen County jobs are more dangerous than others, but that does not excuse negligence when a worker is injured or dies. Many employees hurt at work never look beyond workers' compensation benefits to cover their losses. They could be missing the chance to receive a damage award through a New Jersey civil claim.

Informed workers may lead to lower workers' compensation costs

Workers' compensation cases often evolve from merely a worker suffering an injury and filing a claim into something more when the workers' feel that they are being gamed or played for a fool. Much outrage follows the discovery of a worker, who after obtaining some level of workers' compensation payment, is later found to have exaggerated his or her injuries.