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August 2013 Archives

Christie vetoes New Jersey workers' comp enhancement

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has vetoed legislation that would have changed the presumption for the cause of public safety workers' injuries within the workers' compensation system. Christie claimed the veto was necessary to prevent the bill from altering the balance of how the system determines if claim presents a valid workplace injury.

You can always leave if you don't like it

One hundred years ago, there was a case involving a worker who was injured on the job. He had warned his employer of an unsafe condition in the factory, but the employer refused to do anything about it. When the condition injured the worker, he sued, but was denied any damages, because of the theory of assumption of the risk. If he did not want to be injured the court reasoned, he should have quit. 

Can emergency personnel rely on Tier II reports?

New Jersey firefighters recognize they have a dangerous and risky job. After all, they run into burning buildings as everyone else is running out. And they suffer injuries on the job and apply for workers' compensation benefits, to help get by as they recover from their injuries. Sadly, sometimes the workers' compensation benefit being applied for is a death benefit for their family, after they have suffered a fatal injury doing their job.

Rolling the die with your life

Humans, it turns out, are not very good at calculating probability. Witness the success of Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Or lottery jackpots approaching half a billion dollars. It is a 1000 time more likely that you will be struck by lightning than ever win a large lottery jackpot. Or killed on a jobsite. If you work in construction, you may recognize how dangerous some jobs are. You hope someone else does, too.

Propane plant explosion and fire injure eight workers

A massive explosion and fire at a propane tank plant in Florida injured eight workers, four of whom critically and sent 200-foot fireballs rocketing through the night on July 30. It is unclear what triggered the blast, whether it was equipment failure or human error, but the fire burned for hours, as thousands of the 53,000 20-lb propane tanks that were at the plant caught fire and burned.

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