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May 2013 Archives

spouse's workers' compensation benefits could double costs

A bill has passed the New Jersey Legislature and could become law pending Governor Chris Christie's signature that would extend workers' compensation benefits to widows or widowers of police and emergency personnel. Given the financial conditions of many municipalities, there is concern on the economic impact such an extension would cause for many of these municipalities

OSHA to extend deadline for crane operation certification

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), has announced that it will propose to extend the compliance date for the crane operator certification requirement by three years to Nov. 10, 2017. While OSHA had issued a final standard for cranes and derricks in construction work in 2010, which would have required compliance with the certification standard by November of 2014, many in the industry have raised questions regarding the qualification/certification requirements.

What is the true cost of food production?

A recent report details the true cost of food in the United States and finds it is more expensive than most people think. Based on statistics from the federal government, the Center for Progressive Reform calculated that one farm worker dies every day of the year, working to produce the food we buy in the supermarket. Many of these farm workers may not be covered by workers' compensation laws, and they are excluded from federal labor laws.

Workers’ compensation for New Jersey emergency personnel

One would think that a first responder injured or sickened at the workplace would not have to face obstacles when it comes to receiving benefits after being exposed to hazardous materials. However, in New Jersey emergency responders still need to provide proof that diseases they suffer have resulted from some hazardous event.