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Stop work orders and failure to insure for workers' compensation insurance in New Jersey

In New Jersey, it is important that all employers have workers' compensation coverage, whether through an insurance provider or are approved for self-insurance. Workers' compensation insurance is required of all employers, even those from out-of-state who are working on jobsites in New Jersey. Employers will sometime attempt to misclassify workers as independent contractors to avoid responsibility for the necessary workers' compensation insurance.

Construction worker trapped in mud in New York subway tunnel

Construction work is remarkably dangerous in New Jersey and everywhere in the U.S., from heavy machinery moving on job sites, to cranes lifting concrete and steel beams high in air, to workers in trenches, pits and tunnels being at constant risk of cave-ins, collapses and flooding. Workers are injured and sometimes killed in a variety of accidents on a daily basis across the country.

3D training simulator program released for forklift operators

Simulators have been used for decades for training commercial and military pilots. These machines were once extremely expensive, requiring a tremendously sophisticated installation that was used in such applications as training pilots on complex, multi-million dollar jets, where savings on jet fuel and the risk of loss of aircraft, made them cost effective.

Construction worker injured on job site by falling concrete in Jersey City

Construction site are risky places to work. Massive machinery, weighing tens of thousands of pounds, hydraulic arms capable of exerting incredible pressure, sharp blades, drills, cranes lifting all manner of beams, panels and equipment, all of which can cause horrific injures and kill workers when something goes wrong. This is one reason workers' compensation is available for these workers.

Falls in warehouse leaves worker injured

Workers in New Jersey and the rest of the nation probably know that falls present a significant risk for some jobs. They may think that ironworkers and roofers are at risk, and anyone who works on a ladder or scaffold. Nevertheless, they may underestimate the risk for other workers in many other workplace settings.

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