Detailed Guidance In Filing An Initial SSDI Claim

The first step to receiving Social Security benefits is to submit an application. This paperwork, referred to as the Disability Report, will outline the details of your injury. It is a detailed form that requires extensive medical information. People are often confused by the complexities of the application, and a few mistakes can cause the request to be denied.

The Social Security Disability Application: Filing Social Security Disability

At Parisi & Gerlanc Attorneys At Law, we have staff on hand with the medical and legal backgrounds to guide you through the application process, double checking to ensure that everything is correctly handled. This includes physician statements. We will let you know all medical records that you need to request from your doctors and other professionals who treated you.

Our attentive guidance helps ensure that clients receive the maximum allowable monthly and retroactive benefits. To schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your application and how we can help you avoid mistakes and a denial, please contact our Hackensack, New Jersey, law firm today at 551-587-8915.

Each year, the Social Security Administration denies a certain percentage of benefits claims. Many people who actually do qualify for Social Security are denied because of mistakes in their application or submission. If you have been denied benefits even though you were eligible, we can help.

After a denial, it is important that you speak with a Social Security Disability attorney to understand what went wrong the first time and work on an appeal to recover the benefits. You have 60 days from the denial to appeal. We will carefully listen to your situation and help you rework the application to show the severity of your disability and the toll it has taken on your ability to work. Our lawyers are very knowledgeable of this process, including common mistakes and reason for which the administration denies claims. We will provide solutions to those mistakes and work toward an approved application.