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At Parisi & Gerlanc Attorneys At Law, we are prepared to help with any type of injury or occupational disease case. Our lawyers assist hundreds of injured people every year and have a medical specialist on staff to ensure that you receive the support you need to recover physically and financially.

More Than 70 Years' Experience On Your Side

Since 1936, our firm has advocated on behalf of injured workers throughout New Jersey following accidents of all varieties. Whether you suffered a traumatic and devastating accident or now suffer from chronic pain due to years of repetitive motions or poor work environment, we are equipped to help you get the benefits you need and deserve.

We take the time to listen to you and understand exactly what happened to you and all parties that were involved. If the injury was caused by someone within the company, whether you, your employer or your co-workers, our attorneys can skillfully guide you through the process of filing workers' compensation. We will ensure that you are protected throughout this process and provided full benefits that you are entitled to.

If the accident was caused by a third party outside of the company, we will address any third-party liability claims that might be available.

The workers' compensation process can be overwhelming for many people who are already suffering from serious injury or chronic pain. Many who try to navigate this on their own feel that the deck is stacked against them, being required to submit medical information that they may not understand. We have the experience and understanding of this area of law to level the playing field and ensure that you are given the workers' compensation benefits you deserve.

Our attorneys are dedicated to this work and invest great amounts of time and energy into making sure that each step is done thoroughly and in a detail-oriented manner for the protection of our clients' interests. We truly care for each client we represent, advocating on his or her behalf at every turn.

To learn more about our service and how we can help you through this difficult time, please schedule a free initial consultation with our Bergen County, New Jersey, law firm today by calling 551-587-8915.